Meet The Gurus


Meet Dave ‘The Guru’, Owner/Director and the man with the driving ambition to maintain The Vape Gurus’ position as the no1 vape retailer in Norfolk. A well known figure in both the local community and vaping circles, Dave has a near encyclopaedic knowledge of all things vape and a passion to spread the word on the advantages of vaping as opposed to smoking. A former 70 a day man, he can speak from first hand knowledge of the benefits of quitting. Dave can usually be found cup in hand, vape in the other, waxing lyrical on his passion, vaping. His record speaks for itself with countless success stories and a huge customer base of people he has helped to quit and change their lives.


Meet Emma, ‘Mrs Guru’, full time wearer of the trousers in the business! A dedicated nic salt vaper having quit smoking over 5 years ago, Emma is always the  best with relatable first hand advice given from experience. Especially good with the first time vapers, Emma gives the gentle touch and a personal helping hand on your journey to quitting cigarettes. Usually resident in our Sheringham branch, Emma has a large customer base of people who have managed to make the switch to vaping by following her direction. Pay her a visit for the best advice in the business! 


Meet Brad. Starting off as part time and progressing through the ranks, Brad became full time manager of all stores towards the end of 2021. A wide knowledge base and a personable (talkative) manner, those who don’t already know Brad will hear him from a mile off for a continuous week. He has an extensive knowledge of e-liquid flavours and will always have an offensively bright coloured mod that you’ll be jealous of from the moment you set eyes upon it.


Meet Daisy. Although Daisy is only with us part time, she is a full time dedicated vaper. Choosing to vape nic salts as a more discreet option Daisy can give you all the advice you will ever need on both Equipment and e-liquid choices!


Meet Paula. Vaping both nic salts and shortfill juices Paula can give you straight forward, no nonsense advice on whichever style of vaping you may choose. Based mainly between both of our North Walsham stores, be sure to pop in and say hello!

Gurus In Training!